162. Traditional Youth Event – Basel CH

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162nd traditional Youth Festival St. Alban Basel 11th June 2017

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Lazarus Union Switzerland on duty for childrens‘ catering


On Sunday, 11th June 2017 the Youth Festival Club St. Alban-Breite Base could celebrate its 162nd traditional Youth Festival with sunny weather. The Festival of the children started with a colourful parade where everybody wore a coloured costum through the cultivated St. Albans district – headed by the President Carla Goepfert. The first stop was at the home for elderly people Alban-Breite where the kids were invited for a break to get some food. Some senior citizens remembered joyfully their own participation in the Youth Festival. The Youth Festival Club does not only give pleasure to the children but also to the very elderly habitants of the district. After the break the parade went on up to the dignified suburb of St. Alban. A delegation of the honourable suburban society zum Hohen Dolder with the banner and Apérol was already waiting in front of the house “Zum Hohen Dolder”. After this honourable reception the parade moved on with music through the district and towards the festival place.


In the meantime Ensign CSLI Christine Währen was responsible for cooking tea and the catering for the children. In a traditional wood-fired military field-kitchen she prepared roundabout 70 litres of tea for the Youth Festival and roundabout 100 “Wiener Sausages”. This year a little less. Normally 60 up to 80 children take part.


In the afternoon there was “Fun and Play” for the children in the big playground. There was a “Kasperli-Theatre”, a jumping castle to tumble around and the opportunity to take a trip with “Horse and Cart” through the district. The Festival came to an end with the traditional water ball battle and the polonaise. Each child got a souvenir. The participation for the children is totally for free and was realised by benefits given by the district.


While the children enjoyed themselves on the playground the parents, the visitors of the Festival and the honourable guests enjoyed the substantial offer of food and drinks. The Duo Cappuccino arranged a splendid music programme. The Honorary President of the Youth Festival Frédéric Chr. Währen (he has been running the club for 30 years) could welcome several honourable guests from politics and business at the table of honour. As a special honourable guest he welcomed Colonel Dr. jur. Andreas Burckhardt, President of the Parliament 2006 and the present President of the administrative council of the BALOISE-insurances.


Report: Chevalier Capt CSLI Frédéric Ch. Währen



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