General Assembly 2018

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Report of the General Assembly at 24. February 2018 of the Lazarus Union by the president

Hannes Hochmuth MK-EFM

Pictures by Hannes Hochmuth – Press Potographere

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-020
Dear Comrades!

On February 24th, 2018, the LAZARUS UNION general assembly took place. For the first time this was executed according to the new statutes following the delegate principle, giving all groups and unions world-wide equal chances for participation and also allowing every Lazarus Union member to run for any office in the Lazarus Union. A good example to this were more than 40 applications for a seat in the directorate. The new statutes also made it possible that 100% of all voters were assembled in one general assembly. I do not want to go into detail as this would go beyond the scope of this report, also the details can be read up in the statutes.

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-028

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-047

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-052

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-072

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-076

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-078

I myself went through this general assembly with mixed feelings. On one hand despite trying very hard I was not able to find a comrade who would release me from the burden of being president for more that ten years already, leading the Lazarus Union his own way and developing it further.

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-029

On the other hand I was very happy to get 100% approval for my way of leading the union and defining its goals and aims. Let me mention in front that all decisions and also the nomination of the Executive Board, the Advisory Board and the Auditors were unanimously. I want to express my thanks to the board of management and the directorate for their jobs well done and I am looking forward (once again) into the future and all the good things we will experience together.

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-032

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-138

Thank you also to all comrades who travelled from distant places to attend this general assembly. In place of them all I want to name here the delegation from Lithuania.

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-083

Also a heartily thank you to comrade Friedrich Jares who treated us once again with cream horns and other sweet treats.

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-017

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-018

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-019

The official minutes will report on the proceedings of the general assembly in detail, I want to use this occasion to personally zoom in on a few highlights.

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-042

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-044

Because of the large number of members world-wide it is not possible to hold a general assembly with all members. Because of this no external guests had been invited this time and also only a very small number of irregular members acted as “visitors“. It really was a three hour working session where many things from the past year were covered and also many items due for 2018 were discussed and decided upon.

Besides our main event “2018 Investiture“, events were presented which will bring pleasure to many persons. So on August 11th, 2018, handicapped persons will be invited to have a good time in the “Böhmischer Prater“, a small fun-fair in the south of Vienna.

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-070

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-074

In Styria/Fohnsdorf the local branch of our Naval Comradeship together with other local organisations (fire brigade, army detachments, Fohnsdorf Brass Band, naval chorus “Admiral Tegetthof“, and the Ralph Duschek Jazz Band) will hold a fund-raiser event for handicapped persons during a flag blessing ceremony on May 5th, 2018. Of course there will also be concerts and shows from our Music Corps. It is not sure as of yet if there will also be again an Air Day in 2018.

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-056

The management of the Lazarus Union finances was considered excellent, clear, and transparent not only by the auditors but by everyone present. The Lazarus Union definitely has nothing to hide! For the sake of completeness it shall be mentioned here that the board was formally exonerated, of course unanimously.

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-033

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-034

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-038

After presenting the candidates for the board, the directorate, and the auditors, all candidates listed were elected unanimously by acclamation. The full list is provided on our homepage. My thanks to all comrades for offering to accept functionality and responsibility within the Lazarus Union.

I am also very happy about many positive responses regarding the trainings offered by our International Leadership Academy and the chance to take these courses online with a test and a certificate. Special thanks go to our Secretary General Oliver Gruber-Lavin. Staff officer training is of special concern to me!

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-057

Also it was a great pleasure for me to present high Lazarus Union awards to proven comrades. Here is the list of the people awarded:

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-096Friedrich Lentner

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-091Barbara Zisser

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-098Helene Kneidinger

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-112Edeltraut Dienstl

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-104Monika Gries

Rudi mit AuszeichnungRudolf Muth

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-109Rosemarie Murth-Brich

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-111Oliver Gruber-Lavin

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-113Friedrich Jares

CSLI Generalversammlung 2018-119Ludwig Brunner

Once again I thank you for your trust. The board, the directorate, and myself humbly accept the election and we will work hard to further develop the Lazarus Union and consolidate its status with the world, the United Nations and in people’s hearts. We feel obligated to the peace in the world and we will live this peace also within the Lazarus Union in comradely communality.





Protocol of the auditors:

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Protokoll des Generalversammlung 2018:

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