German War Grave Commission

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Lazarus Union attends the German War Grave Commission


On September 20th 2019 the meeting of the district representatives of the German War Grave Commission took place in Münster. For the first time the Lazarus Union took part in this event in the person of the General Plenipotentiary.


The German War Grave Commission is a German organization founded 100 years ago to care for the graves of the millions of victims of the First World War. The organization intensively fights for peace (slogan: together for peace). The main task of the organization is to care throughout Europe for the maintenance and laying out of war graves and war cemeteries by workcamps. Furtheron the organization also wants to create awareness of the incidents before and during the both World Wars among young people. For this reason there are education partnerships between the War Grave Commission and schools with educational tours for young people to battlefields of the First World War or to places where there were concentration camps. Furthermore the War Grave Commission cares for projects at schools that are concerned with topics like “War Memorial of the First World War” or “The life of the siblings Scholl”.

The German War Grave Commission also organizes projects or takes part in projects as they are:

– Heritage Day with peace initiative

– Script History concerning special historic events with subsequent discussion (e.g. the Weimar Republic).

– Study trips for teachers

– German Historians Day

The General Plenipotentiary took the opportunity to point out the charitable work of the Lazarus Union. A cooperation was discussed regarding the street collections in the district of Münster, that take place every year in November. On behalf of the Lazarus Union the General Plenipotentiary will participate in collecting. Next to the German Bundeswehr the Lazarus Union is a further uniformed organization, that cares actively for the War Grave Commission.


Foto Volksbund Kriegsgräberfürsorge

The photo shows the General Plenipotentiary of the Lazarus Union with the Managing Director of the German War Grave Commission, District Münster, Mr. Effkemann