Spirituality and Justice Initiative

UN-NGO Autologo 200

Spirituality and Justice Initiative

Vienna UN Meeting, 7th October 2019



A report by “Spectator”
Pictures by  Muhammad Amir Siddique ( advocateamir4251@gmail.com )


According to this motto this notable conference took place at the Vienna International Centre – VIC (Headquarters of the United Nations in Vienna). The Lazarus Union was represented by the delegate Prof. Wolfgang Steinhardt and the Federal Chaplain Father Mag. Stefan Schnitzer.


Different items concerning religion, justice, penal system, victim support and human rights were discussed during four working sessions. Furthermore working documents were prepared for the next conference in Tokyo.



It was interesting to see that working document of the second working sessions “”Emphasis and Social Justice” complied almost identically in wording with the principles of the Lazarus Union. So the delegates of the Lazarus Union could contribute to the general discussion concerning this topic.


In the evening there was a public penal discussion at the “Stephanisaal” of the Archdiocese of Vienna on this topics. Afterwards there was the inaugural meeting of the new platform “Coalition of Faith Based Organizations“.


The following participants of the penal discussion were welcomed:

Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Franz Scharl, Vienna; Imam Dzemal Sibljakovic, Leader of the Islamic Spiritual Assistance in Prisons; Priest Markus Fellinger, Speaker of the ARGE Evangelic Spiritual Assistance in Prisons; President Gerhard Weissgrab (Buddist Religious Community); Bishop Dr. Heinz Lederleitner, Old Catholic Church of Vienna and representatives of KAICIID Vienna and of the Jewish Religious Community.


The conference was impressively and professionally moderated by Dean Prof. Dr. Elmar Kuhn (European Academy of Sciences and Arts).


Finally this fruitful and eventful day was concluded by a common meal.