CSLI Finnland

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Autumn campaign
of the CSLI Finnland


CSLI-Finland´s autumn campaign were success. In fall days and evenings in Finland are dark and rainy. In this time of the year many of our little schoolchildren and the other people’s walk alone on dark streets to their schools and other activities. Team Finland delivered 500 pcs. pedestrian safety reflectors to primary school first and second graders. Some of the reflectors we delivered also handicap institutions so they can give them to their patients.

Reflectors were available in the Cities of Porvoo, Lohja, Heinola and Helsinki. Front side of our reflector shows our international logo and on to the backside is text “jaa valoa” in English “share light”.

Now car and the other vehicle drivers can see those reflector users far enough to avoid an accident.

Rreport by Juhani Hujanen, Mjr.CSLI