UN-Peacekeepers Day – Geneva

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International Day of the
UN Peacekeepers
Memorial Ceremony and
Penal Discussion

Wednesday, May 31st 2017 at the United Nations Memorial (Ariana Park) and in the Chamber XX, Palais des Nations




At this international day of the UN peacekeepers (blue berets) that takes place every year the UNO Geneva honours more than one million men and women who did their services under the UN flag since the first mission in 1948 and who are still doing that.

In this period from 1948 until 2017 more than 3.500 persons of these peace keeping troops lost their lives during their peace missions, either by terrorism, by rebel attacks or by serious accidents in the respective operational areas.

At the United Nations Memorial Stone in the Ariana Park the participants remembered the fallen soldiers by laying down a wreath and honoured their worthily work in several speeches. Speakers were Mr. Michael Moeller, Director General of the UNO Geneva and Mr. Laurent Attar-Bayrou, President of A.S.I.P. (Association International des Soldates de la Paix).

A school class from Lyon handed out to the UNO Geneva several messages of peace, handicrafts and a painting.

After this ceremony the participants went to the big Chamber which is provided for 750 people for an informative panel discussion with the following speakers:

  • Ziad Al Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Jean-Pierre Lacroix, UN Undersecretary of State for peace keeping operations.
  • Kirstin Lund, Major General (first female UN Force Commander, operational area Cyprus 2014 – 2016)
  • Marie-Christine Lüssi Umuhoza, (rescued person by the forces of the UN and UN-Capt +Mbaye Diagne+)in the genocide of Ruanda 1994 
  • Ahmad Fawzi, moderator (Chief Speaker of the UN-High Commissioner for refugees)

In this panel discussion the participants mainly described their reports on experience and their personal observations and they talked about the topic „To investigate in peace around the world – development of a culture of peace“. A video massage from the Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterre and an exciting presentation of photos about several operational areas underlined the spoken words. The panel discussion was finished with a wide-ranging opportunity for questions. Especially the pupils from Lyon fortunately were involved with partly critical questions.

This event was organised by the information service of the United Nations together with the International Association of the Soldiers of Peace A.S.I.P. and the organisation of Capt. Mbaye Diagne+, the Peace Keeper of Senegal, who saved 1.000 lives during the genocide of Ruanda. On May 8th 2017 the United Nations Security Council created with the resolution No 2154 the „Capt Mbaye Diagne Medal“ for extraordinary courage





Participants CSLI Switzerland


  • Captain CSLI, Chevalier Frédéric Ch. Währen (Head of Delegation)


  • Ensign CSLI, Dame Christine M. Währen (Assistant)