(Deutsch) Ritterball 2012

After two years the European Business Assembly once again celebrated their Knight’s Great Ball in Vienna‘s Hofburg.

The pre-Christmas full-dress reception already has become good tradition. On invitation of our friends and Lazarus Union members Ivan Savvov (Director EBA and Lazarus Union Knight of Honour) and Anton Savvov (General Director Assembly of Business Circles) a delegation of the CSLI joined the celebration: General Secretary Kadlec (delegation leader), Treasurer of the Lazarus Union Leithner together with his wife, Vice General Secretary Ptak together with his wife, CSLA Treasurer Gebel, Lazarus Union Knight of Honour counsellor Marku, and Peter Steinhardt together with Ms. Havlac.

Over a glass of champagne we met our friends and some familiar faces, also some new contacts were made.

Finally the doors to the ceremonial chamber opened, the welcome ceremony commenced. Messages of greetings were spoken by Johann Habsburg-Lothringen (Grandmaster of the the Order of the Byzantine Knights of the Holy Sepulchre) and Prof. Wil Goodheer (Grand Chancellor of the Order de La Valette. Members of the Lazarus Union and of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre were introduced by name.

The highlight of the celebration for many members was “Ad gloriam!“, honours for personalities from Europe, Asia, and Africa for outstanding excellence in economics, science, culture, and social achievements.

Well known and especially popular are the honours “International Socrates Award“ and the “Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal“.

New members were affiliated with the Order of the Holy Sepulchre (among them also Ivan Savvov – Lazarus Union Knight of Honour) and the “Order de Valett.“

After this a “Banquet in honour of the laureates and guests of the ball“ followed. The musical framework was in the hands of bandmaster Udo Zwilfer, manager of the Salon Orchestra Alt Wien.

Some items were to be bought at an auction: among others a ceremonial sword – its new owner wants to see it as a sign of peace. Other options were naming the belle of the ball and cutting the celebration cake.

Other options were naming the belle of the ball and cutting the celebration cake.

After a musical program, “Alles Walzer“ was the invitation for dance to the public. A group of young ladies and gents from dancing school Immervoll gave the opening dance.

Many guests from more than 20 countries visibly enjoy the evening and the atmosphere in the Hofburg.

Vice Secretary General Ptak won a price in the Christmas lottery which concluded the celebrations.

The impressive gala finally came to an ending. All participants will think back with fondness to this wonderful event.



Participants are comeing from:

Albania, Austria, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Ghana, India, Israel, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Poland, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Tajikistan, Russian Federation, Serbia, UAE, Ukraine, UK




Following some ball impressions:

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