Quo vadis Romana Catholica Ecclesia?


AI historical report from the year 2013! But the LAZARUS UNION forgives and has forgiven although until TODAY all attempts were in vain an insight to effect!

Important announcement !

Dr. Walter Mick

The Archdiocese Vienna, represented by the Chancellor Canon Monsignor Dr. Walter Mick, refuses the LAZARUS UNION (despite previous consent) the use of the Minoriten Church as a location for the admission ceremony for its Knighthood of Honour. Quite honestly a recommendation of the Holy See in Rome (which definitely is not applicable to us resp. the LAZARUS UNION, as has been asserted to us by clerical experts for canon law) is obviously abused respectively our enviers have exerted their influence with certain willing circles inside the clerics of the Archdiocese Vienna to harm the LAZARUS UNION. Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.

The LAZARUS UNION has truly not deserved such a treatment by the Archdiocese Vienna. The LAZARUS UNION for years already cooperates with various CARITAS organisations, handicapped fellow persons cared for by these organisations are always welcome guests at the yearly LAZARUS UNION Air Days! One can only hope that the spirit of the new pope will one day also become accepted by the Archdiocese Vienna. There would be time for that indeed! One word of realisation and all would be forgiven from our side.

We have applied in this matter also to the Austrian Military Bishop H.E. Mag. Christian Werner who after checking the facts spontaneously ensured us his support for our celebration (see attached e-mails LINK engl ). Yet the Chancellor of the Archdiocese Vienna Canon Monsignor Dr. Walter Mick adhered to his wrong interpretation and forbade the rector of the Minoriten Church Pater Dipl.Theol.Thomas Manalil OFMConv to have us celebrating our investiture there. Pater Thomas had to obey as he, in contrast to the Military Bishop, is subordinate to the Archdiocese Vienna. We anyhow want to thank H.E. the Military Bishop for his goodwill, his tolerance, and his guts, but regarding the Minoriten Church the sole authority is with the Archdiocese Vienna. “Vindobona locuta, causa finita“ (Viennahas spoken, the matter is closed)

This is one more sad chapter in the history of the Archdiocese Vienna. If you care about the details just follow the link to the corresponding mail exchange. LINK engl

As new location for our investiture we have selected the Austrian Military History Museum HGM (see invitation) where we will celebrate the admission of the new Knights of Honour (even without the blessing of the “Archdiocese Vienna“). Jesus spoke “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.“ The responsible persons in the Archdiocese Vienna should take note of that.

Pictures from the HGM