Konzert im Ehrenhof des Schlosses Schönbrunn

Concert by the marching formation of the LAZARUS UNION Music Corps

A report by “Spectator”.
Pictures by Hannes Hochmuth-Press Photographer

On June 13th, 2014, a LAZARUS UNION Music Corps concert was performed in the honour courtyard of Schönbrunn Palace. Directed by CSLI BgdrGen Fritz Lentner a virtuous performance was given with pieces of music having a high grade of complexity. 

The second band playing alternately was the terrific Musikverein Rudolfsheim. What a joy to listen to (and to see) the enthusiasm and the ambition of the musicians. It is really true when they say that “… music connects the world,“ as many tourists were eager to take pictures showing them together with the musicians.

We are eagerly looking forward to the next performances! Keep going on!


 Photo impressions:

The pictures are supported by Hannes Hochmuth-press photographer. Thanks!