Emperor Birthday 2019

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Birthday of the Emperor 2019

A report by Friedrich Lentner

As in the previous year the Music Corps of the Lazarus Union was allowed to arrange the music program for this traditional many years’ celebration.


Gerhard Grund, the owner of the excellent restaurant “Kaiserziegel” in Kaltenleutgeben and organizer of this event was responsible for it. As usual he has made avsubstantial investment and in the early morning he went to the make-up artist who styled him faithfully as our Emperor Franz Josef. 



Before noon the Music Corps of the Lazarus Union and the “Hoch- und Deutschmeister 1809” from Perchtoldsdorf lined up in front of the restaurant “Kaiserziegel” in order to welcome the Emperor. Some traditional marches were performed to tune the large audience.



When the “Emperor“ and „Sissy” were in sight in their carriage the march “O du mein Österreich” was traditionally played. According to the protocol „Schützenmajor“ Bauer announced the present associations and asked for giving the salute: Two salutes were shot off. Afterwards the Music Corps played the imperial hymn.



Naturally after the military giving notice of removal by “Schützenmajor” Bauer a common group photo was taken in front of the restaurant. Afterwards all the guests went to the beer-garden where the Music Corps traditionally presented a convenient and musically varied morning pint-concert until 3 p.m.




In his welcoming speech the “Emperor” Gerhard Grund mentioned many honour guests. At the end of the event „Emperor Gerhard Grund“ himself took up the bation to conduct the “Radetzky March” as every year.




So you can say that this event to the honour of the Emperors’ birthday was very successful in glorious and sunny weather. Finally the musicians used the buffet.