A world where we are #8BillionStrong means more possibilities for those who are most affected by climate change to be at the center of #ClimateAction.
Let @unfpa show what this milestone means for people and planet:

A fund for loss and damage is essential – but it’s not an answer if the climate crisis washes a small island state off the map – or turns an entire African country to desert.

The world still needs a giant leap on climate ambition.

On 22 November, the Peacebuilding Commission will convene the 2022 Annual Session on Partnerships with regional development banks in the Trusteeship Council Chamber at UNHQ.

Follow the meeting live on UN WebTV at 10am EST:

Today is Biodiversity Day at #COP27.

For far too long, the interconnected crises of climate change and biodiversity loss have been seen as separate issues. We can no longer afford to see them that way.

@mremae | @UNBiodiversity

In a world of diversity, tolerance is a prerequisite for peace.

We must build every day new bridges of tolerance, trust & understanding.

Today is International Day for Tolerance #ToleranceDay

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