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The Board of the International Lazarus Union announces that with the CSLI Brazil personnel change took place. At his own request Roberto Ortiz resigned from his posts. As a successor with immediate effect Julio Custodio de Melo has been appointed. 

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All members (without any exception) of the CSLI Brazil of the Lazarus Union with an own membership decree are obliged to follow the statutes of the Lazarus Union. According to § 08 all members are obliged to support the goals and interests of the association with the best of their ability and to refrain from everything which would damage the image and goals of the association.

It is in the interests and corresponds to the goal of the association that the Lazarus Union Brazil is now headed by Julio Custodio de Melo.

As far as matters of the Lazarus Union are concerned, all members of the Lazarus Union Brazil only have to follow the instructions of Julio Custodio de Melo, regardless of any association regulations of the law of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Any violation of this order will result in dishonorable expulsion from the Lazarus Union.


The General Plenipotentiary
Prof. DDr. Lothar Gellert


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