General Assembly 2017 – report


General Assembly 2017 – Report

A report by “Spectator“
Pictures by Hannes Hochmuth – press photographer – and comrades
(look “picture impressions”)

On February 18th, 2017, the statutory LAZARUS UNION general assembly took place. 94,5% of all persons, sub-organisations, and group members entitled to vote were present either in person or by granting authority to the president. Of the delegates not present, three were excused and five not excused. Quite impressive figures.

Everything was perfectly prepared and thanks go to comrade Alexander Schütz (restaurant of the Kuchelau marina) who provided the location for free. Only the president’s computer with all the documents and presentations turned out to be uncooperative and had to be replaced at short notice.

The general assembly was opened with only five minutes delay with an unusual request to speak by Rudi Murt who asked the president to be allowed to give a statement before the official part. A little “bemused“ president granted him to speak.

What came then was one-of-a-kind: The general assembly gave the president “standing ovations“ for his work and for reaching goals nobody with the LAZARUS UNIONS would even have dared to dream about a few years ago.

The president was noticeably moved!

Then it got going. A LAZARUS UNION general assembly never is a sedate affair. Important decisions with international consequences have to be made and a lot of work has to be divided up.

After a welcome address by the president, commemoration of all passed members took place with a short prayer spoken by Father Stefan.

Approval of the agenda was just a technicality and unanimously, just as the waiver of the reading out of last year’s GA minutes.

Fortunately there were no expulsions in 2016, in contrast 1,348 new members could be welcomed, now formally appreciated by the general assembly. The total number of members world-wide is way more than 21,000.

As the statute changes had been published several weeks in advance on the LAZARUS UNION web site and many change requests and improvements were already considered, the discussion was quick and the statute changes were approved unanimously.

Earlier, the president explained that with the new statutes EVERY member has a chance to be voted into EVERY position of the LAZARUS UNION. The privilege was until now only reserved for a small group of about 50 members. The full leader’s competence is now with the country organisations and group members who will send between one and four members to future general assemblies, depending on their number of members, or grant their vote to the president. So quick decisions and shaping of the future of the LAZARUS UNIUON will be provided, regardless of which country will provide the president.

By pointing to the web pages which are always up-to-date the president abstained from a detailed 2016 retrospective, only focusing on the absolute highlight, the nomination of the LAZARUS UNION for the Nobel Prize for Peace and expressed his pride and his thanks to all LAZARUS UNION members who made this incredible international success possible.

Following was the report of the treasurer, Monika Gries. Without going into detail readers are referred to the written report in the attachment. The report of the auditors was presented by Josef Maria Gebel (auditor Adolf Helmut Neidhart was absent due to illness) and by formally requesting to discharge the treasurer and the board the item was closed.

The general assembly approved this request unanimously and so the treasurer and the board were formally discharged with regard to the year 2016. Unanimously elected as auditors for the current office period were Monika Gries (the office of treasurer was passed on to Rosemarie Murth-Brich) and Josef Maria Gebel. Both accepted their election. The change from Adolf Helmut Neidhart to Monika Gries was necessary as according to the statutes the director of the board of management cannot be an auditor at the same time.

The next topic covered the confirmation of co-opted members of the board of management of the LAZARUS UNION as new “regular“ board elections are only due as of 2018, according to the statutes.

Unanimously co-opted into the board of management were:

Roberto Ortiz (1st Vice President),
Ludwig Brunner (2nd Vice President),
Friedrich Lentner (Vice President Music Corps),
Rosemarie Murth-Brich (Treasurer),
Peter Scherer (Vice Treasurer).

The rest of the board was not changed as well as the directorate, which was also approved by the General assembly unanimously.

The work of the LAZARUS UNION in the various United Nations bodies, meetings, and conferences was discussed and thanks were expressed to the delegates of the LAZARUS UNION at the United Nations in New York, Geneva, and Vienna. It was discussed that the LAZARUS UNION should apply for the “General Consultative Status“ as NGO with the UN (the highest status possible for an NGO at the United Nations). For information: Currently 300,000 unions are registered as NGO. “Special Consultative Status“ is provided for approx. 3000 NGOs, one of which is the Lazarus Union (CSLI). The CSLI aims to reach the status “General Consultative“, subordinate directly to the UN Secretary General. This status is held currently by only 142 NGOs.

We will see if we succeed. Nobody would have believed in a Nobel Price for Peace 2017 nomination after all!

A most impressive item was the report of the LAZARUS UNION music chief, bandmaster Friedrich Lentner. While being documented on our web pages anyhow, the concentrated presentation of the national and international activities 2016 was most impressive.

2017 will be some “consolidation“ as trips to Germany and probably China are already planned for 2018 as well as many appearances in Austria. For their work, bandmaster Friedrich Lentner (LAZARUS UNION Music Corps Golden Star of Honour) vice band master Barbara Zisser (LAZARUS UNION Music Corps Silver Star of Honour) received awards as thanks.

An important topic was the planning of our 2018 investiture at Göttweig monastery. Tasks were discussed and responsible team leaders were assigned. If everyone completes their assigned tasks the work is not much for everyone and we can all enjoy our most important event. Thank you to all comrades who took over these tasks.

No proposals had been submitted and there were no requests to speak, so with “any other business“ some awards could be presented.

The following comrades present received awards:

Kapitän a.D. Hans Rudolf Gries: Grand Star of Mercy
Mr. Herbert Alexander Bauer: Foundation Grand Cross
Mr. Wolfgang Leitner: Navy Cross of the CSLI Navy Corps
Ms. Monika Gries: CSLI Merit Cross with Star
Mr. Friedrich Lentner: Music Corps Golden Star of Honour
Ms. Barbara Zisser: Music Corps Silver Star of Honour
Mr. Erwin Matzka:Medal of Humanity
Ms. Erika Theissl: Member Cross


The president closed the general assembly at 18:40 and thanked comrade Friedrich Jares for bring once again this year his wonderful cream horns. Thank you, they were delicious as always.

In the restaurant of the Kuchelau Marina this concordant, constructive, and work-filled LAZARUS UNION general assembly 2017 found a companionable ending.


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