General Assembly 2014

On 29. March 2014, the LAZARUS UNION arranged a series of back-to-back meetings at Castle Kreuzenstein, our titular seat
   A report by Erich Kadlec


First there was our own general assembly to be held, with a comprehensive agenda. This was followed by the GA of the Naval Comradeship Vice Admiral Archduke Ferdinand Max – CSLI, then followed by the convent of the Commandry Leopold II of the Order of St Joachim and finally the GA of the Corps Saint Lazarus Austria – CSLA.

After the address of welcome from the president Senator Wolfgang Steinhardt the usual protocol procedures were put into action.

An important item was a statute change which put a stronger emphasis on the international aspects of the CSLI. Representatives of our international affiliated organisations are now represented in the advisory board as well as in the board of management.

The report of the president gave a full account on the activities of 2013 in the form of a most informative power point slide set. After all the CSLI was present at over 100 events and with the 7th Handicapped Air Day had its own big event which had been extensively noted in Austria.

The LAZARUS UNION is also proud to announce that the United Nation‘s ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) Committee for NGOs has recommended to ECOSOC in the 4th and 5th meeting of the 1st NGO consultation meeting 2014 in New York to award to the LAZARUS UNION “SPECIAL CONSULTATIVE STATUS“  as a registered NGO.

The official decision will take place at the next ECOSOC meeting. This gives the CSLI the right to participate in the meetings, to submit applications, and the opportunity to make representations.

A glimpse on future activities: our investiture at Castle Kreuzenstein and participation at various events from friendly organisations, a charity concert for the Großweikersdorf fire brigade, and several performances by our music corps.

Also planned is a participation in the airport festival of the FSV Stockerau 2000 with handicapped persons.

In 2015 an international friendship festival is in the planning: a symposium, a ball (Parkhotel Schönbrunn) , an investiture (Castle Kreuzenstein) and a social programme, together with the Hospitaller Order and the Order of St Joachim. First preparatory work has already been commenced, for details see our website.

As always, the report of the auditors was very positive, especially mentioning the extremely low administration costs and the “allowance policy“ of the Lazarus Union (no expenses are paid to any volunteers whatsoever). The Lazarus Union is very proud of the fact that no organisation of comparable size is know (at least to us) with such low administration costs (below 2% of the total budget!).

By motion of the auditors the work of the board and the treasurer was formally approved.

To comply with the new statutes the board stepped back and new elections were held, organised by our chair Col. retd. Neidhart. All candidates were elected unanimously by secret ballot.

Sadly our treasurer Comrade Leithner retired from his office and now is one of the board vice presidents. A heartily welcome to the new members of the chair and the board.

We are proud to have now several representatives from different countries with the chair as well as with the board. This underlines the international aspects of the CSLI.

At the closing of the GA the president presented several awards to merited comrades.

Then the marathon continued with the GA of the Naval Comradeship: the usual procedure with various reports. The board was prematurely elected anew also here. All decisions were unanimously here as well.

The convent of the Commandry Leopold II of the Order of St Joachim was record-breaking. The agenda was dealt with within a few minutes, thus making good the delay accumulated so far.

Reports on past and future activities correspond to those of the LAZARUS UNION, there is no financial report as there are no separate receipts and expenditures. The new board is also elected quickly.

The final event was the GA of the Corps Saint Lazarus Austria – CSLA: report of the president, financial report etc.

The chair steps back here as well and gets elected anew. President Leithner resigns, the new president is comrade Dr. Hochstöger. The board is also elected unanimously. Then the president of the Lazarus Union, Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt, is awarded honorary membership in the Corps Saint Lazarus Austria-CSLA.

Several activities are planned which will be published on the website. The new president plans to position the CSLA better as a national organisation of the Union. Optimism is seen and felt.

The never-ending series of meetings was sufferable due to the comfortable atmosphere in the castle‘s tavern together with excellent food and beer.

Pictures by Hannes Hochmuth:

We thank the photographer!