Peace without border

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Peace Talks of Geneva
 “Peace without border”
21. September 2018


Währen Frederic  A report by Frederic Währen


The General Assembly of the United Nations declared September 21st to be the day dedicated to strengthen the ideals of peace within as well as between all nations and peoples. The Peace Talks of Geneva established in 2013 are an annual public event organized in cooperation with the institutions UNO GENEVA, INTERPEACE und GENEVA PEACEBUILDING PLATFORM on the occasion of the International Peace Conference.

The Geneva Peace Conference taking place for the 6th time is all about “Peace without Frontiers”. By personal histories the lecturers were able to deliver real experience and ideas emphasizing their efforts to support peace beyond any borders – borders in people’s minds as well as in geographical, political and physical sense.


Among others there were the following lecturers:


Monika Hauser, a doctor, founder and member of the management board of “medical mondiale”. She was disgusted by the media reports about the mass rapes of women during the Bosnian war and at the end of 1992 she directly visited the war region.


Aya M. Abduallah, a 22 year old woman, who was a refugee for the major part of her life. She had to flee for her life from the Iraq to Syria after she had survived the war for 6 years. Now she lives in Switzerland, is a student and is now a youth delegate of the UN-Refugee Agency.


Jasminko Halilovic, founder and director of the Museum of War Children – the only museum in the world – that solely concentrates on the experiences of children affected by war.


Each inspiring „Peace Talk“ pointed out personal histories in order to encourage the audience to support peace in its own ranks and for all nations.

The talks point out that more than ever we have to cooperate in order to reach a permanent peace. The Geneva Peace Conference symbolically represents a Genevan spirit by finding a common base within variety.


The goal of the year is the supporting for more peaceful societies in this way:


Showing that there are peaceful solutions to resolve conflicts
Showing inspiring histories that bring Peace
Creating the awareness that each person plays a role with the process of building Peace
– Inputs for peace building efforts in daily life and at global level


More information about the lectures can be found by using the following link:

Chev. Frédéric Ch. Währen, Captain CSLI (Head of Delegation)
Dame Christine M. Währen, Ensign CSLI (Assistant)