Friendship and collaboration agreements


Friendship and
collaboration agreements

We are pleased to inform that as CSLI Italia we have signed, in the past months, some further agreements of friendship and collaboration with organizations and associations to develop common activities and synergies. We have signed agreements with: Società Umanitaria – Fondazione Humaniter, European Amateurs Association ERA of Naples, TDB Italia.

Società Umanitaria – Fondazione Humaniter
Napoli, founded in June 1893 in Milano as a philantropic and humanitarian institution to help poor people to build by themselves a better future. This is why the Società Umanitaria organized many free vocational training courses, information about health care, cultural activities, educational activities, and so on. In 1996 the Società opened an office in Napoli and in the following years in several other towns, becoming one of the most esteemed organizations. CSLI Italia has already collaborated with the new partner through various information gatherings on civil protection prevention and a seminar on disaster social psychology. Further activities have already been planned for the new year.


E.R.A. – European Radioamateurs Association
is a specialized association of radio amateurs, has offices in various Italian cities and links with other countries. It operates in the field of radio broadcasts both in ordinary warships and in crisis and emergency situations with civil protection units. The collaboration will enable CSLI Italy’s civil protection sector to strengthen its presence in the radiocommunication sector in emergency situations. Our operative group is already working to improve the radiocommunication sector of CSLI Italia.


TDB Italia
is a volunteers association for civil protection, we have already worked together for helping homeless, for a fire emergency at the local Gypsy community , and some other activities.


Prof. Antonio Virgili
Lazarus Union Vice President
and Commander in Chief of the Italian Corps
(November 2017)