Airfield Event 2015

Ankündigung Fest FSV2000

A report by “Spectator”

Pictures by Hannes Hochmuth, press-photographer
Translated by Mjr CSLI Matthew Douglas

One of our long-standing honorary members, the Stockerau Aviation Association (FSV 2000) organized its annual airfield festival again this year on 27 and 28 June 2015. Our offer of free scenic flights for people with disabilities was naturally at the centre of this endeavour.

Festplatz Übersicht 1

Festplatz Übersicht 2

Festplatz Übersicht 3

Festplatz Übersicht 4

Festplatz Übersicht 5

The LAZARUS UNION, as an initiator of such events for almost ten years, was of course there and supported this great event by providing the flight assistant team, the medical team and the large lifting platform of Auxiliary Fire Brigade Langenlois. We also had an information stand. In total, over forty assistants helped out from the LAZARUS UNION.


CSLI Infostand 1

CSLI Infostand 2

It would take a book to describe the many highlights, but some of these highlights should be mentioned in any case.

Crewbilder 1

Crewbilder 2

Crewbilder 3

Crewbilder 4

Sightseeing flight with disabled people

In order to devote ourselves wholeheartedly to our friends with disabilities, they had first priority on the scenic flights on the first day at the beginning of the festival. This enabled us to give our undivided attention to our guests with disabilities and treat them as VIPs. One advantage of doing this meant that we were able to more easily enjoy the other highlights of the festival after our main objective was completed.

Behindertenflüge 1

Behindertenflüge 2

Behindertenflüge 3

Behindertenflüge 4

Behindertenflüge 5

Behindertenflüge 6

The Behindertenhilfe Korneuburg (Care for Persons with Disabilities of Korneuburg) did a perfect catering job and an incredible 2500 portions of food were distributed on Saturday. No one could foresee that this number would be surpassed on Sunday with more than 4000 portions of food distributed. In the end everything was polished off.

Essen 1

Essen 2

Essen 3

Essen 4

Now to the other highlights of the festival:

The bulls are coming!

For years, attempts were made to get the “bulls”. This year, the “Flying Bulls” were represented with two Warbirds (a Lockheed P38 “Lightning” and and a Chance Vought F4U, better known as a “Corsair”) and a BO-105 Helicopter. The BO-105 helicopter is one of the very few helicopters which can easily fly loops! Not only nice to look at, they flew a stunning show and thrills were guaranteed.

Die Bullen kommen 1

Die Bullen kommen 2

Die Bullen kommen 4

Die Bullen kommen 5

Die Bullen kommen 3

Katana Formation

One of the most popular attractions was the demonstration of the FSV 2000 training aircraft in formation. It’s similar to the synchronized swimming, just without water.

Katana Formation

Glider Aerobatics

Engines aren’t the be-all and end-all. Gliders can also accomplish amazing aerobatic performances. We witnessed up close very impressive aerobatic maneuvers of top glider pilots!


Banner Towing

We learned how a banner is raised. Sounds simple, but it’s not! If the altitude, direction and speed do not match, the banner doesn’t fly and stays flat!


Model Airplanes

One of the most popular attractions – especially for children – was the demonstration of model aircraft that are identical to the originals in almost every aspect. Model jets, helicopters, biplanes, fighter jets and airliners that have won awards at numerous model airplane competitions, took off from the hills in Stockerau.

Modellflug 1

Modellflug 2

Modellflug 6

Modellflug 3

Modellflug 4

Modellflug 5


After many years they were back with us: The Pilatus Porter “scattered” skydivers over our airfield. Among the skydivers was the initiator of Flight Days for People with Disabilities, Lieutenant Colonel CSLI, former hunting commando, professional helicopter pilot, flight instructor and dear comrade Klaus Weber. Many amazing jumps in formation were made.




Camera Drone Live Recordings

Via the DP Copter drone, images were transmitted live to screens at the event and flight demonstrations. The spectacle, which looks really great from the ground, could also be experienced up close from a bird’s eye view!

Kameradrohne 1

Vespa Stunt

On Saturday evening, multiple world-record holder and stuntman Günther Schachermayr showed spectators what he can do with a Vespa scooter. The spectacular stunt show was a huge hit with the fans, but do not try this at home!

Vesper Stunt

Aircraft Display

All the association’s aircraft (2- and 4-seater light aircraft) could be viewed up close. A pilot told visitors all the details and answered questions. On display were a training aircraft (Katana DV20), a 4-seater passenger aircraft (Cessna 172 and Cessna 182) and some helicopters.

Ausstellung 1

Ausstellung 2

Ausstellung 3

Ausstellung 4

Flight School

The flight school of FSV Stockerau and the helicopter flight school of the Aerial Lazarus Air Corps (ALAC) presented their course program and showed the opportunities in pursuing this wonderful hobby. Besides the acquisition of a pilot’s license there are many, many more requirements, however.

Flugschule 1

Flugschule 2

Flugschule 3

Sightseeing Flights

Visitors also had the opportunity to fly with the association’s helicopters and to book sightseeing flights at cost price. (Our guests with disabilities flew for free of course!) Visitors could choose from three possible routes with a flight time of about 15 minutes each. Passengers only paid for the minutes actually flown (liftoff to touchdown).

Hubi Rundflüge

Hubi-Rundflüge 2

Rundflüge 3

Rundflüge 1

Rundflüge 2

Sightseeing Flights with an Antonov AN-2

Also with us again this year was the largest single-engine biplane in the world, the Antonov AN-2 with its 1,000 hp, 9-cylinder radial engine – it’s a real “eye-catcher”! Up to 12 passengers were able to fly at the same time. Under the “Kids for free” program on Sunday morning, free rides were provided to children (as long as they were accompanied by a paying adult).

Rundflüge Antonov 2

Rundflüge Antonov 1

Rundflüge Antonov 3

Segway Riding

The Segway Center Stockerau ( built a test circuit where you could try out this modern way of getting around under professional supervision. Conclusion: Segway-driving – guaranteed FUN!


Jib Lounge for Aircraft and Film Fans

Visitors large and small had the opportunity to control a crane camera themselves and to influence the film footage of the event. They became the camera operators for the various air show Performances!

Players Lounge 1

Players Lounge 2

Players Lounge 3


Want to sit in a real cockpit and control an aircraft? Well, this dream came true for many kids. Both a glider and a helicopter simulator was built into the carousel hangar!

Simulatoren 1

Specials for Kids

We didn’t neglect our young guests and Sunday morning’s motto was “Kids for free”. Kids could jump and tumble inside the big bouncy castle, try out our mini-flight simulator, and watch the festival from a bird’s eye view from the fire engine’s aerial platform or bucket.

Kids Special 3

Kids Special 1

Lifting Platform of Auxiliary Fire Brigade

As with other air shows, this large lifting platform was a sensation on Sunday. Guests could be lifted as high as 32 metres above the festival grounds to offer them a unique perspective for souvenir photos. The platform was raised and lowered until the hydraulic fluid literally “cooked”. A very special thanks to the comrades of the fire Brigade!

Hubplattform 1

Hubplattform 2

Hubplattform 3

Hubplattform 4

Thanks to the Sponsors

Without generous support, the festival could have have taken place. THANK YOU to:

Raiffeisenbank Korneuburg: Bouncy castles and supervision

Flying Bulls: Helicopters and aircraft

Behindertenhilfe Korneuburg: Catering for employees

Segway Center Stockerau: Segways for the organization

Town of Stockerau: Organizational and administrative support

The festival was a huge success! Many thanks to the (ca. 150) comrades of the LAZARUS UNION and the FSV 2000 for demonstrating your commitment and motivation to do something for your fellow human beings. Once again it was an accident-free festival!

Everyone can do something! Let’s create new perspectives together!