(Practice) Training for Aircraft Marshallers

Airfield Stockerau (LOAU)
Michaela Matzka A Report by Michaela Matzka, Dep.Sec.Gen. CSLA
Translated by Matthew Douglas, Mjr. CSLI

The Airfield Festival by the Auxiliary Fire Brigade 2000 (FSV 2000) took place on 27 June 2015 with the support of the Lazarus Union.

Flughelferausbildung 01

At the start of the briefing four teams were formed and each assigned to a Cessna aircraft. Experienced aircraft marshallers got support from trainees who were able to gain valuable first-hand experience.

Flughelferausbildung 02

Wolfgang watched over the practice training like a hawk and insisted firmly on the use of protectors (to cover the wing edges).

Flughelferausbildung 03

On each of the three flights, passengers were ensured a roundtrip with safe boarding and disembarking. The morning went off without a hitch and our invited passengers with disabilities were completely satisfied.

Flughelferausbildung 04

After lunch and a couple of sausages we carried with our next duty.

Flughelferausbildung 05a

Flughelferausbildung 05

Unfortunately, it started to rain quite heavily in the afternoon. We all crowded together under a pavilion and waited patiently until the clouds dispersed and a clear blue sky was again visible.

Flughelferausbildung 06

Wolfgang took his charges and went to the Agusta Bell “Jet Ranger II” helicopter. Although I have been an aircraft marshaller for two years, I came along to take pictures of the Training.

Flughelferausbildung 07

In front of the helicopter landing pad Wolfgang explained clearly and forcefully how to correctly approach the aircraft, how to get on and off, and how to stay safe around the tail rotor.

Flughelferausbildung 08

Flughelferausbildung 08a

After the briefing, the assigned teams set to work.

Flughelferausbildung 09

Flughelferausbildung 10

The trainee marshallers alternated duties on a few dry runs and then each one had to put into practice what had been previously discussed. After training we went back to the festival grounds. On the way back Wolfgang explained all the airfield signs. Suddenly we saw three members of the auxiliary fire brigade who needed help. They were trying to take a pavilion back to the grounds which had fallen over.

Flughelferausbildung 11

Thomas immediately went to the rescue and our esteemed President did not miss this opportunity. He stood under the “sky” and give his famous “pocket-blessing”.

Flughelferausbildung 12

At the very end, he dismissed the group with these words: “The practical part has been completed – theory and testing will follow.”

Michaela Matzka
Deputy Secretary General CSLA