COVID-19 in Ghana

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COVID-19 in Ghana

Dr. Asiedu Edward GHANA  A report by Dr. Edward Oheneba Asiedu


I am CiC, LtCol. Dr. Edward Oheneba Asiedu , the Commanding Officer of the LAZARUS UNION in Ghana and I send my greetings to all officers of the CSLI for all the great things that you are doing for the organization, which has made the CORPS SAINTS LAZARUS UNION for years earned a reputation as a reliable and enthusiastic organization that has helped to better the lives of hundreds of people. 

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Hearing about the corona virus (COVID-19), I have organized a donation ceremony to help support some orphanages in West Africa, which started on 1st April and will end at 30th April 2020.

Currently I have deposited 2000$ in support of the ceremony and other colleagues of the CSLI here in Ghana have also raised 1300$ to support this charity work.

Due to the spread of the virus, there has been a locked down for the past week, making the economy so difficult. This as a result has brought hardship to most orphanages in West Africa.

So in regards with our organization (CSLI) Motto, we have decided to organize the ceremony to support this children. We are not expecting only money as the only donation but used/new clothes, shoes, food stuff and other necessities are accepted gladly.

I believe this is the time we show our love and care to the world in order to keep promoting the good name of LAZARUS UNION.

We will be very glad if this could publish on the homepage in  order to get support from people outside.


Comradely greetings

LtCol CSLI Dr. Edward Oheneba Asiedu
Commander in Chief of Lazarus Union Ghana