Charity Morning Concert of the Big Band of the Lazarus Union

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CSLI Big Band
Charity Morning Concert

Kplm.Friedrich Lentner 100   A report by Friedrich Lentner

Brunner Ludwig 2016   Pictures by Ludwig Brunner

On Sunday, August 27th, 2017, the traditional Big Band Morning Concert of the Lazarus Union Big Band took place in the wine tavern Jezek in Perchtoldsdorf near Vienna.


As during the past years, there was splendid weather and the tavern was full to the last place. Numerous fans and guests of honour were present, so the President of the Deutschmeister Regiment LtCol. Michael Blaha, Lazarus Union President Senator Prof. h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt and his deputy Ludwig Brunner could be welcomed.




The big band played many catchy tunes from composers like Glenn Miller, W.C.Handy, Ray Anthony, Cole Porter and many more.



Of course the centre was taken by W. Frankie Warner as Sinatra interpreter with all the famous songs of Frank Sinatra. It is noteworthy that he acts tremendously poised on stage despite his age of 85. This is proof that music keeps one young.



Of course the audience demanded several add-ons too. Special thanks go to the host, Jack Jezek and his wife Danni, who make it possible to play in front of such a special audience.



A big thank you also goes to the audience for their large donations. Our president took it on himself to walk around with the donation box in person and to present the Lazarus Union to the audience.




As the Lazarus-Union is a charity organisation, a large part of the donations will go into charity Projects.



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