6th CSLI Handicapped Air Day 2012 – short report


6th CSLI Handicapped Air Day 2012


Instead of a large report, which is to be due soon together with many pictures and a video I want to seize the opportunity as president and commander of the LAZARUS UNION-CSLI to express my fullest thanks to all comrades, friends, patrons, and sponsors of the LAZARUS UNION and especially to our honourable member, the flying club FSV 2000 Stockerau. Without the active role of the FSV 2000 all efforts would have been in vain as managing such an event without being able to use the infrastructure of Stockerau airfield and the logistic aid of all my flying comrades there simply would not be possible!


Dear Comrades!

Dear friends!

Our main event in the year 2012, the „6th CSLI Handicapped Air Day 2012“, finished for the 6th time without incidents and in best weather on Sept. 9th, 2012. 119 CSLI supporters from the CSLI Air Wing, the ALAC (Aerial Lazarus Air Corp), the CSLI Navy Corps, the Spillern Volunteer Fire Brigade, the Katastrophenhilfsdienst Wien with its youth fire brigade, the Fliegergruppe Wien, Hubert Petutschnig with his Antonov AN-2, the comradeship Mödling, the Guards Regiment of the Austrian Army, the Harley Davidson Club, and many more helped to bring exactly 273 guests (not counting their escorts) in the air in a total of 94 flights.

A new record! Also the premiere of our newly formed BIG BAND of the LAZARUS UNION at the end of the air day was a huge success. As many guests came by bus and had to leave early to meet their schedule they did so only under protest because they could not see the end of the concert.

450 pairs of sausage, 400 rolls and 15 loaves of bread were eaten, more than 1.500 refreshment drinks were served and 420 pieces of cake consumed together with 350 cups of coffee. The round trips with veteran cars, guided air field tours, and the visit of the Harley Davidson Club (despite the big Harley event that weekend inCarinthia!) were additional highlights of our event. Many thanks to all who made this possible!

Once more I want to thank you all for your efforts and your cooperation (everyone stepped in where necessary without complaints) at our 6th CSLI Handicapped Air Day (all group commanders please relay this to those comrades I cannot reach by email). Also the dismantling this time worked well and in record time. For the setup on the day before the event I would appreciate some more help next time. By your efforts you made many people very happy. From the reactions I received so far it seems to me that we definitely close a real gap in disabled care.

Please consider in your future planning that the 7th air day will be on September 7th 2013 (assuming the OK from the FSV 2000 which I do not doubt).

In solidarity and camaraderi




Link to video:





Link to  diashow (different pictures!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7ITZsCAxbI&feature=plcp


Here now some foretaste to the soon coming pictures with the full report, taken by our comrade CSLI Lt. Jörg Peter Jung from the CSLI Germany who came all the way down fromGermanyto help and assist.