Trainings, Trainer und Kommunikatoren für Zivilschutz

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Training, Trainers

and Communicators

for Civil Protection          

May 2016


Prof. Antonio Virgili

A Report by Prof.Antonio Virgili
Vice President and Commander of the Italian Corps

The Corpo Italiano di San Lazzaro is increasing its activities of training, seminars and short courses.    After the seminars for the project “Girl Up”, the yearly meetings for the Brain Awareness Week and for the World Reflexology Week, is now expanding courses available both for the wide public and for its members.   So, starting from the next autumn, also thanks to the agreements with Centro Studi Internazionali, VISION, LIDU and some other organizations, and being a dependence centre of ILA – International Leadership Academy, they will be offered several new seminars and courses.

Specific courses and seminars will be in the area of civil protection, thanks the new CSLI Italia operative group of civil protection, and our organization will participate in the dissemination of basic civil protection information for citizens and the precautions to be taken in cases of crisis.

Among others, in accordance with the national information program prepared by the National Civil Protection Department, educators and communicators are being trained to spread among the population concepts for primary prevention in the field of Civil Protection.  The project is called “Io non rischio” (I will not risk) and is intended to provide more information on some of the most common environmental crisis situations: earthquakes, tsunamis, floods. Two members of the CSLI Italia have attended the seminar and trained in the field, in the month of May.

Formazione Protezione civile

Io non rischio 2016