Emperor´s Birthday 2021

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Emperor´s Birthday 2021

Kplm.Friedrich Lentner 100   A report by Fritz Lentner

Schattenbild   Pictures by „Spectator“


Emperor Franz-Josef I of Austria was born at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna on August 18th, 1830. Traditionally, many people in Austria still celebrate this birthday. So does the owner of the “Restaurant Kaiserziegel” in Kaltenleutgeben near Vienna. He does not miss the opportunity to slip into the role of the emperor and celebrate this birthday together with music and many guests.


Finally the time had come again. The roughest corona restrictions fell in the summer of 2021.

Thus, nothing stood in the way of the traditional imperial feast in the restaurant “Kaiserziegel” and it took place, how could it be otherwise, in imperial weather. As in previous years, numerous guests, more than 2020, arrived at 11:30 in front of the restaurant and received the “Emperor and his Sissy” in his carriage in a dignified and reverent manner.



Of course, as always, the rifle company of the “Perchtoldsdorfer Deutschmeister 1809” could not be missing, which not only with guns, but also with cannon. Musically the emperor pair was received, as already in the last years, by the music corps of the Lazarus union.



After a short place concert the white carriage with its “majesty”, the owner of the restaurant emperor brick under the sounds of “O you my Austria”, turned around the curve and stopped before the restaurant.




After the report to “His Highnesses” by the commander of the traditional formation “Deutschmeister 1809”, the “General de Charge”, a triple salute by the Schützenkompanie including a triple salute with the gun, took place.




After the playing of the Emperor’s Anthem, everyone gathered in front of the pub for the inevitable joint group photo.


After that came the leisurely part of the day.


In the guest garden the greeting took place by the landlord. Among the guests of honor was Mayor Hans Stefan Hintner together with companion Karin Bittermann, Dipl. Ing. KommR Franz Seywerth and wife as well as dance school owner KommR Heinz Schmidt with company. Also the former president of the Lazarus Union and honorary bandmaster of the music corps, Senator Professor h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt had come to this event.




After the opening of the buffet, the music began with its “Before Lunch Music”. It showed the variety of traditional brass music such as marches and polkas as well as modern music with show effects. Of course, the new “Oberkrainer” band was not to be missed, which encouraged the audience to sing and clap along.




Highlight and conclusion formed as already in used way the “Radetzkymarsch” traditionally again conducted by the house master. And again a successful and very comfortable afternoon went to end, to whose success not only the music of the Lazarus union, but above all the service and the good kitchen contributed their substantial part.


We look forward all already to the next year to “emperor birthday 2022”.

Fritz Lentner


Short sample for listening of the “Oberkrainer-Formation”