Civil Protection Exercise – LLK


Lithuanian Lazarus Union – LLK
Civil Protection Exercise taking place from
22nd May until 23rd August 2020

Angelika Krause Mag  A report by Mag. Angelika Krause, Captain CSLI

Near the river Žeimena in the town Kaltanėnai (district Švenčionys) two days of demonstration exercises by the Lithuanian Lozorius Corps (CSLI group member) on civil security took place.

On Saturday, the banks of the river Žiemena were searched and cleaned from early in the morning. The owner of UAB “Vandens Erdé” and at the same time foreman Valerijus Morozovas and his team showed a unique technique for water management, with which contaminated soil can be regenerated and the banks can be released from roliferating or unnecessary vegetation.



Representatives of the local government supervised the work carried out and the professional  use of the equipment. At 2 p.m., the participants and guests of the event were invited to the beautiful neo-Gothic church of Kaltanėnai where the priest Vitalijus Kisel celebrated the Holy Mass.



After the Mass Major Valerijus Morozovs of the Lithuanian Lazarus Corps (LLK) was awarded the flag of the LLK team of the district of Utena in a ceremonial context. In his speech of thanks he pointed out to continue the work planned to participate actively in the development of the LLK civil protection programs.



As LLK representatives from different parts of the country gathered for the event, badges of honor and souvenirs were handed out on this occasion.


The activities of the LLK members during the COVID-19 pandemic in the districts of Klaipėda and Panevėžys were mentioned and honored separately. The President of the LLK, Major General CSLI Giedrius Petružis and the Chief of Staff, Colonel Albinas Buzūnas attended the event and emphasised greetings.


On the Sunday after breakfast, a debriefing of the exercise participants took place at the “round table”, during which the topics and thoughts to be discussed were elaborated and exchanged for new, future perspectives.


Mag Angelika Krause
Captain CSLI