Civil Protection field operative exercise

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Civil Protection field operative exercise
2nd-3rd June 2018


Alexander VIRGILIA report by Alexander Virgili, Cpt CSLI


The Corpo Italiano dI San Lazzaro, during the weekend on 2nd and 3rd June, with the precious collaboration of the City of Castel Morrone and with three other civil protection associations, participated in a field operative civil protection exercise. The exercise involved about 40 operators, an ambulance, a fire fighting vehicle and various other service cars. It began at dawn, with the movement of vehicles and people in the emergency area: the area of the Municipality of Castel Morrone which is near Mount Tifata, with green areas, karst cavities, ancient settlement sites.


The civil protection convoy used the area of the stadium as a base camp, operational headquarters and parking of motor vehicles, while the preparation of the emergency operating room and Operational Command occurred in the building kindly made available by the Municipality of Castel Morrone and in particular from the Commander of the local municipal Police.


The exercise has foreseen five different operational phases: search for lost person in a wooded area; recovery of a person fallen into a karst cavity; extinguishing of fire; mounting tents and setting up camp; person search at night in the presence of an electric blackout. On the outside of the base camp, the Corpo Italiano di San Lazzaro operators performed three main functions: secretarial activities, coordination of the emergency operating room and management of radio communications.


In the part relating to the base camp, the CSLI operators have collaborated in setting up the tents and the camp itself. The Mayor of Castel Morrone and the Police Commander have repeatedly intervened making sure about the infrastructure provided for the needs of the exercise and to inform about the progress of the operations. At the end of all the activities, the Mayor personally wanted to thank the operators and give them a certificate of merit.



Alexander Virgili, Captain CSLI
Coordinator of the CSLI Italia Civil Protection group