Civil Protection in our Days


“Civil protection and human rights in our days”

24th May 2017

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The Corpo Italiano di San Lazzaro has given the moral patronage and participated to the seminar on “The future of human rights” at the Università degli Studi Federico II of Napoli, one of the oldest universities in Europe having been founded in 1224. The seminar has mainly been attended by Political Sciences courses students and registered the contributions of some important international organizations working in the humanitarian aid, civil protection and volunteering fields. The seminar, started on 5th of April, was planned to improve and enrich the student’s preparation.

At the final meeting of the seminar, they have been two speakers of the Lazarus Union: the International Vice President and Commander of the Italian Saint Lazarus Corps Prof. Antonio Virgili and the CSLI Lt. Beninati. A third speaker has been Dr. Cervo, representing the Italian Red Cross.  Human rights need today to be less abstract and more operative, volunteering, humanitarian aid and civil protection are ways in which greater respect for human rights is possible, starting with the fundamental ones. These are ways in which greater respect for human rights is possible, starting with the fundamental ones. Their concreteness, attention to the fragile social strata (children, women, the elderly, the poor), the presence in crisis situations, are also a positive example for those who are skeptical about the possibility of protecting human rights. 

The speakers then discussed some of the operational aspects:

  • how are the emergency plans prepared,
  • how are groups and populations alerted in an emergency and
  • the importance of organizational flexibility,

and discussed some examples of the Italian reality taken from seismic events that occurred in the last year.  

Alexander Virgili
Captain CSLI
Coordinator of the CSLI Italia Civil Protection group