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Wolfgang Steinhardt 150
Wolfgang-Steinhardt-Grand-Master-200-L Senator h.c.
Wolfgang Steinhardt
President and CiC of the Lazarus Union
Grandmaster of the Knighthood of Honour of the Lazarus Union


Vienna, July 2017

Dear Comrades!

I know that the following lines will give you a nasty shock but I have pondered over this for quite some time now and also given one or the other hint in the past!

It is not my Intention to run for the chair of the LAZARUS UNION or any other jobs in the union at the next elections in March 2018.

But I will stand up last time for the next elections to the presidency of the Lazarus Union in March 2018 but I will no be available for a full term (four years)!

The tasks and functions given to me (President, Union Commander, and Grand Master of the Knighthood of Honour) simply are getting too much for me, at the recent air day I noticed that I am not getting any younger as well.

Between 80 and 100 mails occupy me for two to three hours daily. If I do not tend my emails on a daily basis I get a tailback which can hardly be handled at a later time.

In our recent statute modifications this was already taken into consideration and the triumvirate (consisting of three persons: President, Union Commander, and Grand Master of the Knighthood of Honour) was installed. If those functions which I hold alone currently will be distributed over three people the job can be handled more easily by them.

I am currently working for the LAZARUS UNION 365 days a year and four to six hours daily (web page, international contacts, web shop, ordering system, member contacts, visits of various events (102 in 2016), planning and organising of events etc.) and I want to have at last some time for my family and myself.

I want to have again time to visit a museum, a concert or an opera, and to travel to places not connected with the LAZARUS UNION. My wife has supported my union activities for more than twenty years (I am married for 48 years this year) and I think that she does have a right that I spend more time with her again.

Therefore I deeply ask you to think about who can take the positions in the triumvirate and also wants to do so because I will not be available up from 2020 any more, yet I want to introduce the future function owners into their tasks and offices.

Our 1st Vice President, S.E. General CSLI Chevalier Roberto Ortiz has indicated to stand for the position of President of the LAZARUS UNION from 2019, latest 2020. Roberto is my favorite candidate! He is from the very first, knows the LAZARUS UNION very well, and has his own organization with over 3000 members in Brazil. He is the founder of ASLECH and I have full confidence in him. He is young, flexible, internationally acknowledged, and a terrific organizer, living in Brazil. He travels to Europe for business several times a year and is first and foremost a personal friend.

For the first step, Roberto was promoted and appointed at 1. August 2017 as “Commander in Chief of International Operations”

Talk among yourselves. Exchange opinions and try to find an attractive candidate proposal for the chair and the board. If I can assist you with this I will be happy to support you with my best efforts but please take this burden off me!

Cordially Your


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