Christmas 2014

Donation Vinzi Rast 2014
Oliver Gruber-Lavin obst csli A Report by Oliver Gruber-Lavin

A few days before Christmas, Chev. Hans-Rudolf Gries, Chev. Hannes Hochmuth and Chev. Josef Maria Gebel as representatives of the Knighthood of Honour, and the Deputy Treasurer Col. (CSLI) Oliver M. Gruber Lavin as a representative of the Executive Committee of the LAZARUS UNION visited the “Vinzi Rast”, an emergency overnight accommodation in Vienna.

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Up to 60 people, mainly dependent on alcohol, often mentally ill, will find a warm bed, simple dinner and breakfast, rest, relaxation, confidence, a plaster, a pair of socks, a conversation and attention. In the foreground stays the unconditional acceptance and respect for each individual. The people are accepted as they are. Ms. Christine Öllinger explaned For the guests recognition and dignity are as important as for each of us.”

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A financial contribution of 2 € is to be paid for an overnight stay.

Like last year, the Lazarus Union has started a donation campaign to make the Christmas holidays and the turn of the year free of contribution. Thanks to the helpfulness of many individual donators, as well as the tireless efforts of our cashier lady Monika Gries, more than € 600. – could be collected.

During the visit in the night shelter the donation check was presented to the house manager, Ms. Christine Öllinger. Ms. Öllinger thanked in her name and on behalf of the director and Chairwoman Ms. Cecily Corti for this Christmas gesture.

Next year the LAZARUS UNION will support the “Vinzi Rast” again by donations as well as volunteering.

We thank all our donors and wish a Merry Christmas.