Vice President Ludwig Brunner as “Santa Claus”

UN-NGO Autologo 200

“Santa Claus”

Leer  Report by  “Spectator”

Hans Gries  Photos by Hannes Rudolf Gries

Ludwig Brunner, our Vice President of the CSLI Lazarus Union, has long been a matter of the heart when Nikolaus in the childrens-garden (Kindercompany 1030 Vienna, Rasumofskygasse) delight children with gifts.

Nikolaus Kindergarten 157

Once again there were three large groups of children who could hardly wait to greet “their” Santa Claus with songs and poems and to receive the presents from Santa Claus.

A big thank you goes to Mrs. Dir. Anita Szladits, who has prepared this festival for the children with love and care.

Further picture impressions:

Nikolaus Kindergarten 011

Nikolaus Kindergarten 021

Nikolaus Kindergarten 033

Nikolaus Kindergarten 106

Nikolaus Kindergarten 145