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Visit of
His Eminenz Archbishop
Cardinal Dr. Christoph Schönborn


Kplm.Friedrich Lentner 100  A report by Fritz Lentner VP Music LU


The Music Corps of the Lazarus Union played on the occasion of the visit by His Eminence Cardinal Schönborn in our home parish. They played with more than just a little enthusiasms because there wasn’t much going on due to COVID-19 this year, and so everyone was happy to come together for playing.


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At 9 a.m., a public concert was played with great enthusiasm in the parish square in front of the church to entertain the parish until the arrival of the honorable guest, His Eminence Cardinal Archbishop Christoph Schönborn. When His Eminence arrived, a festive music was arranged.  

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Also numerous honorable guests from the district were present. Above all the district supervisor of the 23rd district Gerald Bischof.

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Afterwards there our pastor Mag. Peter Pösze gave a welcome speech. After the Holy Mass, the entire parish was picked up from the church square by the Music Corps of the Lazarus Union led to the parish garden with marching music.

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Here there was a morning pint with original Brass Music of Vienna as well as with “Oberkrainer-Music” – of course with singing, with barbecue and last but not least with special Hungarian Langos.

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Personal talks with His Eminence were possible (despite CORONA) and His Eminence really took time for it!

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A successful event with Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who also had time to chat with our Music Director Friedrich Lentner of course with distance, as it is scurrently required due to corona.

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Fritz Lentner