Commemoration for died comrades at sea

A report by “spectator”

At 11.06.2012 the Navy Comradery Archduke Ferdinand Max (MK-EFM), based in CSLI Navy Corps of the Lazarus Union and part the Austrian Navy Association, a delegation participated at this commemoration.

After a brief ceremony at the monument for “friendship at sea” and the speech the President of the Austrian Navy Association of, retired Col. Prof. Dipl.Ing. Karl Skrivanek, the participants drove with a police boat on the Danube, where a wreath for the dead comrades passed the waters of the Danube.

Following this ceremony, there was time to chat with a cozy gathering in the inspection of the water police in comradely solidarity.

In the following You can find some picture impressions provided by Hannes Hochmuth. Thank you!