Stress, emotions and illness


Stress, emotions and illness


CSLI Italia and the International Brain Awareness Week

23rd March 2017


Alexander VIRGILIReport by Captain CSLI Alexander Virgili

BAW - Italia 2017

Also in the 2017 edition of the International Brain Awareness Week the CSLI Italia together with Centro Studi Internazionali has organized a meeting to improve the knowledge of the researches on brain and its related systems. The compelling theme of the meeting has been “Stress, emotions and illness”, in our days stressing situations in work places, families, society are growing very much and some stress effects, so as anxiety, depression or psychosomatic disorders, have a wide diffusion.

Three appreciated speakers, all expert in PNEI and holistic approach, discussed the issue: Dr. Dario Di Criscio welcomed those present and talked about acupuncture and traditional medicine knowledges on body and mind connections; Dr. Tommaso Longobardi talked on how to analyze stress events in their complex and multiple connections and some mobbing examples; Dr. Antonio Virgili, starting from the complex body-mind system connections, talked about autonomic training and reflexology as psychosomatic therapeutic approaches to improve wellness and to prevent illness. Stress, emotions and illness are connected each other through various different paths, chronic or frequent stress can alter some bodily reactions and manifest through psychosomatic disorders, facilitating the occurrence of disease or directly by causing illness. Well known the post traumatic stress reactions (PTSD) and the psychological consequences of disasters. Numerous were the questions from the audience about prevention and the therapeutic possibilities.  

Alexander Virgili
Captain CSLI
Coordinator of the CSLI ItaliCivil Protection group

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