Order of St. Joachim – Investiture Portsmouth 2012

Lazarus Union is connected  with the Order of St. Joachim in a longstanding friendship and alliance. The order of St. Joachim is also a member of the Lazarus Union and many high officers and Knights of the Lazarus Union are also in this order, and vice versa many of the friars hold high command posts in the Lazarus Union. Even the eminent British naval hero of the battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson was a Grand Cross Knight and Commander of the Order. The Order of Saint Joachim was founded in 1755 by the Elector of Saxony and King ofPolandfrom the House of Wettin (=Windsor) and Battenberg (=Mountbatten). The members of the Order of St. Joachim by the year 1830 (reform of the House of Lords) had even seat and vote in that body. (This is historically proven). As our president and Union commander  since 2009, is Grand Cross Knight and Commander of the German-Austrian Commend “Leopold II” of the Order ofSt.Joachim, the participation in the investiture of the Order is not only a matter of course, but always a very nice experience for all participants.

   A report by Prof. Hans König over the travel to Portsmouth 8. to 12. 11. 2012

Our flight to London was smooth and also the rail links toPortsmouthfunctioned nearly without troubles.

The Holiday Inn of Portsmouth received us professionally and friendly.

Friday, 9. 11.

Our group, the Federal commander Senator hc. Wolfgang Steinhardt, my wife Anita and I explored together the historic Dockyard atPortsmouth. Right at the beginning a highlight: the visit of HMS Victory, which is still in active service in the Royal Navy.

Currently, because of repairs to the rigs only lower masts are visible​​, but still it was a great impression. The nearly 70-meter three-masted vessel, Currently, because of repairs to the rigs only lower masts are visible​​, but still it was a great impression. The nearly 70-meter three-masted vessel, with its three gun decks are still a fascinating picture of a first Class ship of the line at the time of the Napoleonic wars. The ship was famous for the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805, in which the Spanish and French fleets were decisively defeated and Britannia got the hegemony over the world’s oceans. Unfortunately, Admiral Horatio Nelson lost his life during the battle by a shot o a french musket.

We visited also some other  very interesting ship museums and of course the nautical souvenir shops.

At night there was a first meeting with the candidates and some representatives oft he Joachim Order in the 700 year old Dolphin Inn, a comfortable, time-honored pub. Again, the welcome was very warm and cheerful.

Saturday 10.11.

The day began in the investiture of the 800 year old Garrison Church of Portsmouth. A solemn and memorable act, although the number of participants was lower, as in the Austrian CSLI knighthood investiture  My wife Anita and I were the only ones who were invested in the  knighthood to Knight or Dame by Dr. Bryan R.Olive. Wolfgang Steinhardt, as our commander, gave some brief, heartfelt words to the participants.

After that we went by bus to the historic docks at a lunch reception on HMS Warrior. A very informative tour of the many decks of this first steel ship of the Royal Navy showed us the major reforms that have been made in the period between 1760 and 1860. Not only by the introduction of the steam engine and the propeller, but also the social improvements of the sailors. .In the officer wardrooms expected us a magnificent set table and a fabulous lunch, a culinary delicacy.

A little later we went back to the the “Dolphin”. This time  had dinner in the venerable Trafalgar Rooms in which Nelson had allegedly supplied before its final voyage. A typical and delicious  English Dinner oft he Navy was served. Together with for us as yet unknown toasts, Shanties of theNavy  like  the “Hearts of Oak” and a presentation of a model of a ship oft he line, decorated with sparklers.

Sunday, 11.11.

It began with a moving service  for Remembrance Day, the British Memorial Day to the Fallen. An excellent choir filled the old nave of St. Thomas Cathedral.

Then we went into the historic Officers Ward Rooms HMS Nelson. A magnificent officers’ mess which documented the glory of the Royal Navy. We dined at the historical table on which the Italian, and the Japanese captiulation had been signed. The huge walls are ornated by frescoes of the most famous historic sailing ships ofEngland, the pride of Britain.

Here, the roast beef with gravy and Yorkshire pudding tastes great, too. Together with the touching environment, the exact military service and the magnificent table equipment – it will be always memorable for us.

Also the weather was fairly nice with a smooth autumn sun on the Gosport, the sea inlet of Portsmouth.

The return of this impressive trip turned out  easily.

Prof.Hans König – the recently youngest Knight of the Order of St. Joachim.