Shanty Choir of MK-EFM Germany


National Command of Germany of the Naval Comradeship Archduke Ferdinand Max provides again support for a performance at an old people’s and care home


Already for the second time in a row the National Command of Germany of the Naval Comradeship Archduke Ferdinand May the Shanty Choir “Original Osnabrücker Windjammerchor” provides support for a performance in an old people’s and care home. On 15th December the Shanty Choir conducted by Rear Admiral Dr. Lothar Gellert cared for a musical afternoon for the residents at the “Haus Ledenhof” situated in Osnabrück in pre-Christmas time.

In this old people’s and care home the residents are accommodated as in-patients or within a short-term care. One part of the home is specialised for the care of people with severe dementia.

During the performance lasting one and a half hour the Choir initially presented traditional well-known Shanties. So the audience could sing along – at least the refrain. This includes well-known songs like „Am Golf von Biskaya“, „Blaue Jungs von der Waterkant“, „Wolken, Wind und Wogen“, but also some peppy songs like “Down by the riverside“. The second part of the concert was dedicated to more contemplative and festive songs. The Choir presented songs like „Weihnacht auf hoher See“, „St. Niklas war ein Seemann“, „Feliz Navidad“ and „We wish you a merry christmas“. The last part of the concert consisted of traditional Christmas songs to sing along like „Oh du fröhliche“ or „Kling Glöckchen Klingelingeling“.

At the very end the Choir performed the very emotional song „Leise kommt die Nacht, und wir müssen geh’n“.

Again it was a real joy to see the sparkle in the eyes of the residents who obviously enjoyed this musical afternoon. They asked the Choir to come back next year – we will do that with pleasure.


Report by: Prof. Dr. L. Gellert, RAdm CSLI NC

Photos: Haus Ledenhof with explicit approval