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The Academic Senate of New York’s Pro Deo State University has honored the founder of the Lazarus Union Senator Prof.h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt SE.

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For his merits concerning the founding of the Lazarus Union in 2007 and its growth and international importance and holder of countless national and international awards, he received a doctoral degree for his life´s work as a

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) honoris causa (h.c.)

on April 2nd 2020.

Urkunde PhD.h.c ORIGINAL 900

With this award, the Pro Deo State University, New York, honors the successes the Lazarus Union recorded under the leadership of Senator Prof.h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt:

  • More than 22.000 members in 2020
  • Represented in over 120 countries on all continents
  • 2014 Special Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC
  • 2015 Foundation of the Leadership Academy of the Lazarus Union
  • 2017 Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize
  • In 2019 “General Consultative Status” with the United Nations
  • Countless international aid projects and internationally accepted understanding among nations

WST PhD 4 250

Chev. Senator Prof.h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt PhD (USA) h.c. SE

Senator Prof.h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt has also been an accredited representative of the Lazarus Union since 2014 and Head of Delegation to the United Nations in New York, Geneva and Vienna, where the Lazarus Union is officially represented with seven delegates each. Senator Prof.h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt continues to perform the function as Head of Delegation and Special Ambassador of the Lazarus Union to the United Nations although in 2019 he placed the operational leadership of the Lazarus Union in the younger hands of Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c.(UA) Lothar Gellert.

The official celebration and ceremonial handing out of the decree and insignia should have taken place in New York in April 2020. Unfortunately, this was not possible due to COVID-19.

Congratulations, however, very warmly and no less sincerely!

New York, May 2020