Pastor Babu George returns to India with donation and assistant


From left to right: Markus Sell, Rev. Babu George, Anna Draxler, Dr. Thomas Draxler

 For many years pastor Babu George, who was born in Kerala, India, visits once a year the Hessen community Schaafheim for four weeks during summer to act as a holiday replacement for the local pastor. Over time, many friendships sprung out of this – among others also with the Institute for Health and so with the SOF/ CSLI-comrades Dr. Thomas Draxler and Markus Sell.

Schools, hospitals, and houses of prayer for the poorest of the poor

During his visits to Germany Babu always reports in detail on his work in the Indian slums and the numerous projects for the poorest of the poor, always showing detailed video and photographic material. In past years he built a school, a hospital, and a church for the Roman Catholic parish Pandirimamidigudem, financed from donations together with local workers. He takes care that the children are educated and by training provides women the chance to earn money as needlewomen. In 2014 after his successful work pastor Babu George was transferred to Jalipudi, where he is responsible for 21 mission stations. There he faces big challenges as they are missing practically everything and he has to start over again.

Active support by foreign trainee

This year, during his leave-taking at the end of his replacement period Dr. Thomas Draxler and Markus Sell presented him a cheque over 1000 Euro to support his missionary work in India. Many citizens of Schaafheimer had given him also private donations the past weeks, so Babu need not go back to Jalipudi empty-handed.

He receives additional support from Dr. Draxlers‘ daughter Anna, who will come along with parson Babu to India to assist him there for two months. Anna, aged 18, decided to make some good use of the time before her studies commence next year and begins this with her trip to India to actively help there and so collect valuable experiences for her life.

10 Euro save a child

10 Euro per month is all it needs to provide an orphan with a roof over its head, education, and food in Jalipudi. The Institute for Health supports this work with pleasure and calls all persons who want to help to take over sponsorship with pastor Babu George thereby supporting his Indian project. Information can be found at
Foto/Text: ©Institut für Gesundheit, Schaafheim