Navy Corps makes contacts in America

CSLI Navy Corps mit Schrift 200

Urkunde Lothar Texas Navy

The Navy Corps of the International Lazarus Union expands its contacts. Most recently the General Plenipotentiary of the Lazarus Union has been commissioned and appointed Commander of the Texas Navy.

The Texas Navy, or officially “the Navy of the Republic of Texas or the 2nd Navy of Texas”, was the Marine of the Texas Armed Forces of the Republic of Texas.

Its origins date back to 1835, when Texas renounced the Republic of Mexico during the Independence Revolution.

The Texas Navy was officially established in 1836. However, it was incorporated into the armed forces of the United States in 1846 with the accession of Texas to the United States of America.

The first Texas Navy bound Mexico three years in defending its own coastline.

At the Battle of Campeche on May 16, 1843, the Texas Navy brought up a number of Mexican ships. This was noteworthy and a strategic victory, because the Texas Navy had only sailing ships, but the Mexican Navy already had steamships. The Texas Navy was supported by the rebellious Republic of Yucatan.

The deployment of the Texas Navy ultimately established the independence of the State of Texas from the Republic of Mexico.

Today, the Texas Navy Association is dedicated to the glorious history of the Texas Navy. Through the deployment of various working groups, the history of these armed forces is constantly being researched and made available to the public.

Our Navy Corps hopes that the appointment of our General Plenipentiary and thus the Supreme Head of the Navy Corps as Commander of the Texas Navy will ensure constant contact between our two organizations, so that this will also arouse interest in the Lazarus Union in Texas.