Orbtuary for Prof.Dr.Dr. Torsten Bendrat


The International Lazarus Union announces with great sadness that on 18 December 2020 the Genera Major of the Lazarus Union

Torsten Bendrat mit Rahmen

Prof.Dr.Dr. Torsten Bendrat

has died.

Comrade Torsten Bendrat was known far beyond the borders of Germany as commander of the area “South” of the Lazarus Union Germany.

He has received numerous awards for his commitment to the benefit of the Lazarus Union and the support of people in need. Torsten Bendrat has always lived according to the principles of St. Lazarus.

With Torsten Bendrat we lose a loyal friend and comrade.

The Lazarus Union will keep an everlasting memory of our comrade Torsten Bendrat.

Our thoughts go out to the family.


The Board of the Lazarus Union