Music Corps – “Stefflkirtag 2017”

Barretabzeichen CSLI Musikkorps neu 200

A report by Fritz Lentner
Pictures by Hannes Hochmuth

On the Pentecost Sunday June 4th 2017 the Music Corps of the Lazarus Union arranged the music for the „Stefflkirtag“ for the first time.

Due to renovation at the “Stephansplatz” this traditional “Kirtag” could not take place in front of the Dome, but at the place called “Am Hof” nearby. In spite of the changed location many tourists and also music fans from Vienna found this beautiful event in the heart of Vienna. Therefore the applause for the music arrangements was guaranteed. The musical director, Friedrich Lentner, carried out a very various and suitable programme for this event.
Traditional Austrian marches up to famous and less famous Bohemian Polkas and pop songs known from our youth were played – so there was music for everyone and for each age.

Even wishes from the audience f.e. melodies of the “Egerländer” could be realized. Of course the own march, the “Lazarus-Union-March” was also part of the programme. Herewith many present high functionaries of the Lazarus Union, especially the President Senator Prof. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt and his Vice President Ludwig Brunner were welcomed. Unfortunately at the end of the appearance of the Music Corps the weather became bad. Because of the rain becoming more and more stronger the musicians had to leave the stage despite many demands for an encore after the second encore.

In spite of this it was a wonderful musical afternoon that came to an end when everybody could stand at the culinary booths under umbrellas protecting from the rain.


Lazarus Union Stefflkirtag Musikcorps

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