MK-EFM Command Germany


Three-digit sum for the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGZRS)


The German National Command of the Naval Comradeship Archduke Ferdinand Max supports the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service by small donation collecting boats. Once a year all operators of these donation collecting boats will be asked to look at the amounts and to transfer the donated money to the DGZRS.

The National Command of Germany placed the collecting boats in 2018 and now it was time to see how much money there was inside the three boats. It could be noticed that there was much more money in the boats placed in restaurants compared to the boat placed in the showroom of a car dealer. Concerning the purchase or repair of a car people do not generally pay cash.

In total there were 150 Euro inside the donation collecting boats that was now donated for the DGZRS.

It shall not be concealed that there is another amount up to 150 Euro collected by donations on the occasion of the birthday of the National Commander. So the National Command of Germany could donate 300 Euro in total.

Prof. Dr. L. Gellert, RAdm CSLI NC
National Commander Germany Naval Comradeship
Archduke Ferdinand Max