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LtGen Chev. Roberto Ortiz  Report from Brazil by Roberto Ortiz


The coronavirus pandemic has deeply affected the whole world in a way that has not been experienced for at least two or three generations. In Brazil, a politically divided country for at least a decade, the effects have been devastating.

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The health issue is profoundly serious, as we are by far the second highest in the country in the number of contaminations and the number of deaths. However, the economic and social impact is much more serious. The unemployment rate has risen by 40%. Since Brazil has virtually no kind of planned social assistance, nearly 50 million Brazilians, along with the more than 4.5 million Brazilians directly infected with the virus, are suffering from the economic consequences of the Crisis.

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The actions of Lazarus Union Brazil at this critical time have been sustained thanks to the commitment of many of our members. But as the amount of donations and financial aid has fallen to zero, we have exhausted all our financial reserves and resources to continue our charitable and humanitarian missions.

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To further combat the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, some friends suggested we fund a fundraising project so that we can continue to help those in need in Brazil.

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In order to thank and appreciate the efforts of those who, in this unprecedented time of the health crisis, have provided essential and necessary services, while at the same time providing Lazarus Union Brazil with the further assistance of those affected by COVID-19 or its social financial implications, we have decided to use the special medal “PRO BONO UNIVERSAE” (for the sake of the Universe).


The medal is awarded in three different classes and a recognition diploma is awarded for each medal:

Gold Medal

– 50€

Medal, diploma and shipping
(At least 38€ will be used in the COVID fight)

 Covid Medallen GOLD


Silver Medal

– 40€

Medal, diploma and shipping
(At least 28€ will be used in the COVID fight)

 Covid Medallen SILBER


Bronze Medal

– 30€

Medal, diploma and shipping
(At least 18€ will be used in the COVID fight)

 Covid Medallen BRONZE


The medals will be issued in limited numbers and orders can be sent to by email until 30 November 2020.

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