Cloth Collection of a Group member

Oedenswappen DROPP 200

Successful collection of clothes by Group Member


The German Knightly Order St. Peter & Paul (Group member of the Lazarus Union) could also hand out in December a large number of used but best clothes, linen and table linen to the clothes shop of the German Red Cross (DRK) named “Jacke wie Hose” in Lengerich/Germany.

This was not only possible by the help of the members of the Order but by the support of two friends of the Order who play an active part in the activities of the Order although they are no members. We are especially happy about the fact that there are people who not only care about the others but who actively stand up for those in need.

Especially in the Pre-Christmas time these clothing donations were appreciated. Many of the clothes found its way “under the Christmas tree” and made one or the other person happy.