Annual Meeting with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

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Annual Meeting with the
UN  High Commissioner for Human Rights

05.03.2019, Palais des Nations, Room XIII, Geneva


Währen Frederic  A report by Frédéric Währen

The annual meeting with the High Commissioner of the United Nations, Mrs. Michelle Bachelet Jeria , took place on 3rd March 2019, at the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva.

The event took place in a totally crowded hall. The conference hall is provided for 260 people but more than 300 people attended the event. After a short introducing lecture in which the High Commissioner enlarged upon the 40th Human Rights Conference currently taking place the emphasis was on answering the questions of the present NGO-delegates. Especially questions about the situation in Africa were discussed


UN-High Commission for Human Rights (UNHCHR) The High Commission for Human Rights (in French: Haut-Commissariat des Nations unies aux droits de l’homme) is the most important interface of protecting Human Rights within the United Nations. The official function of the High Commissioner for Human Rights was established by the UN-General Assembly according to the demand of the Vienna World Conference on Human Rights 1993. Since September 2018 Michelle Bachelet Jeria from Chile has been responsible for this task.

The tasks of a High Commissioner

The High Commissioner for Human Rights is the head of the UN-Human Rights Office in Geneva (which was combined with the former Geneva UN-Centre for Human Rights in 1997) and coordinates the tasks of the different UN-Human Rights Institutions. In addition she can act independently in order to eliminate obstacles for Human Rights. Furthermore she can play a consultative role for other institutions. She reports directly to the UN-Secretary General.

The main tasks of the OHCHR Legislation, monitoring and anchoring of Human Rights Standards at national level. The OHCHR cooperates with all relevant actors both inside and outside the UN. It especially supports the UN-Human Rights Council and is Special Correspondent at operational level.

For more information about UNHCHR/OHCHR see

Participants CSLI Switzerland:

            – Captain CSLI, Chevalier Frédéric Ch. Währen (Head of Delegation)

            – Ensign CSLI, Dame Christine M. Währen (Assistance)

Basel, 17.03.2019

Captain CSLI Chev. Frédéric Ch. Währen





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