UNITER – CSLI Special Force

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The association UNITER e.V. (with over 1400 members) has decided to become a group member in our large and global family of the LAZARUS UNION and has applied for membership as a group member.

This request has been complied with and we welcome our new comrades. Named as UNITER – CSLI Special Force, UNITER will continue to enrich our activities worldwide and is planning projects that the LAZARUS UNION has never even thought possible.

With the official leadership of the “UNITER – CSLI Special Force” was appointed as commanding officer (CIC – Commander in Chief) André Schmitt, who with this appointment is also ranked as “Generalmajor CSLI”.

We wish GenMjr CSLI André Schmitt a lot of success and look forward to having him and UNITER as a further significant step in our activities in the LAZARUS UNION.

Official Logo of UNITER – CSLI Special Force:

UNITER Logo LU 300

Membership decree UNITER:

Urkunde UNITER

UNITER Urkunde

Appointment note for André Schmitt:

Organigramm UNITER komplettUrkunde A.Schmitt

Organizational chart LAZARUS UNION:

LU Organigramm 1.9.2017 mit UNITER markiert 620

Organization structure UNITER:

Distrikte Deutschland Uniter 620

UNITER Distrikte Schweiz

Organigramm UNITER komplett 620

Presentation of UNITER:

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