In memoriam of Archduke Ferdinand Max


19th June 2020

Dear Comrades!

Today we want to remember a person who has a special meaning for us.

Porträt Maximilian von Mexiko

I am talking about Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria. Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph Maria of Austria was born on 6 July 1832 in Schönbrunn Palace, then near Vienna, now the 13th district, as the second eldest son of Archduke Franz Karl, a son of Emperor Franz I, and Princess Sophie of Bavaria, and was thus a brother of Emperor Franz-Joseph of Austria from the House of Habsburg-Lothringen.

Maximilian was particularly interested in seafaring and made many long-distance trips (e.g. to Brazil). In 1854, at the age of only 22, he was appointed commander of the Imperial Navy (1854-1861), as the younger brother of the emperor and thus a member of the ruling house, and reorganized it in the following years.

It is therefore not surprising that our Naval Comradeship bears his name.

Sadly, however, he gained fame as Emperor of Mexico. Overturned due to internal political unrest, he was sentenced to death by a court martial and shot dead on June 19, 1867, at Tres Campanas, Querétaro, after the death sentence was confirmed by the re-established President Juarez.

May he rest forever in peace.



Prof.Dr. Lothar Gellert
General Plenipotentiary

Vienna, 19th June 2020