High civil award for Sune Schønnemann

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High civil award for Sune Schønnemann
A report by Spectator

Sune Schønnemann, a Danish member of the Lazarus Union and member of the of the advisory board, received the highest Danish commendation for work in the Civil Defense.

Sune Schønnemann - Hæderstegn 

On Saturday May 25th 2019, at the national assembly of the Danish Civil Defense Association Mr Schønnemann received the Medal of Honor from the association. The Civil Defense Medal of Honor is awarded for “prolonged and recommendable work for the Civil Defense cause”. By prolonged means usually at least 15 years.

Mr. Schønnemann is the Deputy Reginal Commander of the Civil Defense Association in the capitol region, with the rank of major. Besides that, he has been the regional Public Information Officer, commander and 2IC of a municipal civil defense section, and he is currently also serving as treasurer for a municipal section. Mr. Schønnemann is a first mover, and he was the youngest ever to undergo training at the Danish Emergency Management Agency Leadership Academy, he was one of the very first Youth Fire Cadet instructors in Denmark and he is also the youngest to receive the medal of honor.

Sune Schønnemann - overrækkelse

Mr. Schønnemann is also a part time firefighter in the local fire department, and works professionally with safety at Rail Net Denmark, the government agency responsible for all train infrastructure in Denmark.

In the Lazarus Union, Mr. Schønnemann is a colonel, he served as commander of CSLI Denmark, he have been part of the advisory board since 2014, and he was awarded the “Dankabzeichen mit Stern” in 2013

The Civil Defense Medal of Honor was first talked about in 1953 when the Danish Association of Police Chiefs wanted a medal to honor those who had helped with the civil defense cause. The task of creating such medal first went to the Civil Defense Command, who later asked the Civil Defense Association to create the medal, inspired by its Swedish sister association who had a similar medal of honor. The medal was created in 1956, as was approved by King Frederik IX on November 30th 1956. The medal is awarded a maximum of 10 persons per year, and those eligible are volunteers in the civil defense, professionals in the civil defense and politicians who have done a noteworthy deed for the civil defense cause.