Spring Convention 2015 – The Order of Knights of Saint Michael

May 16, 2015, St. Michael’s Church, 1010 Vienna

A report by „Spectator“
Pictures by Hannes Hochmuth-Pressphotographer

The Grand Master and Governing Council of the Order invited all Order members, their families and friendly organisations to the annual Spring Convention.

St.Michael Orden-046

The Lazarus Union, as a long-standing friendly organisation, accepted the invitation again this year. The members of The Order of Knights of Saint Michael have also been esteemed longtime guests at our investitures.

St.Michael Orden-103

Punctually we all met on Michaeler Square in our Order robes or uniforms, in good time for many friendly discussions. We were then able to admire the original Hoch und Deutschmeister Band at a march past.

St.Michael Orden-066

After the solemn entry into the church, Father Peter, the Pastor of St. Michael’s Church, celebrated a wonderful Holy Mass.

St.Michael Orden-070

St.Michael Orden-119

The Grand Master of the Order, Prof. Mag. Guido Mancusi, took the opportunity to accompany the Mass musically on the beautifully restored 300 year-old organ.

St.Michael Orden-108

St.Michael Orden-123

After Holy Mass we passed in solemn procession across the Coal Market to the courtyard of the summer refectory of the Salvatorian College of St. Michael, where a lovingly prepared mouthwatering spread was waiting for all invited guests.

St.Michael Orden-146

With a further exchange of views this beautiful day came much too quickly to an end in the early afternoon. But the next Convention of The Order of Knights of Saint Michael is planned and we are already looking forward to it.