Feast of friendship in Styria

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The Marine Fellowship ‘Archduke Ferdinand Max’ State Command for Styria, attends a Friendship Festival!

We can proudly announce that our Marine Fellowship ‘Archduke Ferdinand Max’ State Command for Styria (MKEFM LK Styria, for short) was invited by the Austrian Black Cross and ÖKB to be guests of honor at a special ceremony. The Austrian Black Cross (ÖSK) is a non-partisan association dedicated to the establishment, maintenance and preservation of the graves of fallen soldiers and civilian war victims of all nationalities.

At the ceremony veterans of the First World War from Italy and Austria, once enemies, met to commemorate the fallen of this terrible event in a comradely and friendly manner. About 200 members of the Italian ‘Nastro Azzurro’ (Blue Ribbon) Association had traveled from eight different provinces with their own Band of Music too.

We began our communal commemoration at the military cemetery in Knittelfeld under the leadership of Colonel Dieter Allesch, President of the Styrian Black Cross. Besides hundreds of Austrian soldiers there also rest 108 Italian prisoners of war who died in the Knittelfeld POW camp. Wreaths in memory of all the victims of war were laid accompanied by martial music played by the Italian Band.

On Sunday, 12.6. We celebrated a joint, bilingual service. After this most solemn Holy Mass, commemorative wreaths were also laid in shelter. During the convivial finales on both days we were able not only to make new acquaintances, but also to gain new friends.
The playing of the Austrian and Italian National Anthems by the ‘Nastro Azzurro’ Military Band ended this impressive meeting.

Our participants were:
Walter Martetschläger – Commander
Peter Domweber – Deputy Commander
Raimund Raidl – Treasurer
Sandra Fink – Deputy Secretary-General

Here some Picture impressions:

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