AirDay 2013


Vienna, 10th September 2013

Dear Comrades!

I want to take the closing of our 7th CSLI Handicapped AIr Day as a chance to personally and honestly thank all of you. You really excelled yourself and for the first time I experienced an almost stress-free air day. Never before was I so relaxed that I had some hot chocolate (my favourite airfield drink) in the airfield cafeteria at 9:45, while all of you were still busy with preparations.

The fact that this air day was held without any incident or accident for the 7th time already is proof of your professional attitude and the level you reached in the corps. All  gave their best manning their stations.

I congratulate you on this performance and I feel deeply honoured and pleased to be commander of the CSLI. But the question arises, how can we top this event once more next year? I think we should take a brake with the air day for a year and in 2014 focus ourselves on the “main event music“ while assisting the FSV2000 with their air day, providing some fun there for our handicapped.

In 2015 we can “take off“ again with new emphasis!

You are all invited cordially to the next meeting of the board (the date will be announced soon) where we will discuss and decide on our further plans.

Please forward this message to all those who assisted and are not on my mailing list resp. forward the link from the homepage.




An ADDITIONAL thank you to those who helped in setting up and dismounting the set. We left the hangar in a much cleaner condition as it was when we arrived there.

A picture is worth a thousand words – therefore the report on our air day is divided into several sections giving the text a back seat and putting forward the pictures. Just click on the pictures for the specific picture gallery them. The pictures have been provided by Hannes Hochmuth – Press Photographer.

Photo impressions