Airfield Festival of the FSV 2000

Flugsportverein Stockerau (Flying Club Stockerau) and honorary member of the Lazarus Union

On June 30th and July 1st, 2012 this year‘s airfield festival was held on Stockerau airfield, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the local flying club. The FSV 2000 is not only a honorary member of the Lazarus Union but also the main sponsor of the CSLI Handicapped AIr Days which have over the years already become a wonderful tradition.

They not only make the full airfield infrastructure available to us but forgo also landing fees for us and provide most of the catering. Their pilots fly for us gratuitously so that we just have to pay for the fuel, something which nowadays is almost unbelievable but nevertheless a fact, thank God!

Se we were more than pleased to do our stint to make sure that the festival becomes a success by enriching their „display area“ with the help of friendly organisations (in that case the junior fire brigade of the disaster relief service Vienna) and at the same time standing by in case a flying accident would have happened. Fortunately the professional planning and the discipline of all participants made this a theoretical event only.

Also our 1st and 2nd ALAC helicopter squadrons with their pilots were in operation again, performing lots of sightseeing flights. A bouncy castle for children, round trips with sporting planes, aerobics and formation flights, sailing flights with passengers and aerobics, model airplane shows with unique models, a perfect catering including cold drinks all ensured that the surprisingly large amount of visitors were able to enjoy the day despite temperatures of 35° (in the shade).

With regard to the 6th CSLI Handicapped Air Day on September 8th, 2012 with the subsequent benefit concert of the LAZARUS UNION BIG BAND we had a most successful rehearsal, as we then will have as additional challenge our dear handicapped guests to whom we also want to convey the wonderful feeling of flying and other attractions. Let us hope that this event will go by as successful as the airfield festival of the FSV 2000.

Again thanks to all comrades who helped to make this festival a huge success!

Here now some impressions captured on camera: